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Randall Marketing Group is a unique company. Both founders are agents themselves, and in seven years we have never forgotten that. We know exactly what you are looking for because it is exactly what we were looking for when we were full time agents. We are in the business of providing you exactly what you need to achieve extraordinary success as a financial service professional.

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My name is Clyde Cleveland. I am the President and Co-founder of Randall Marketing Group. My partner, Craig Randall, and I have been helping agents just like you become successful producers for over seven years. We have found that all our successful agents have one thing in common. When they walk into the office in the morning, they open their calendar, they see a full schedule of appointments every single day. What does that do? That creates a psychology, or an attitude of success that will be with you all day long. It will be with you in every single appointment that you have during that day. It will help you be successful. So please visit our other sections of the site, find the programs that you're interested in, give us a call, and we'll help you find the right mix of lead generation that will help you achieve your highest goals. Thank you very much.

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Newest Lead Generation Program
We call our newest lead generation the "RMG One-on-One Program." (Click for more details) This program has been redesigned by Craig Randall to make it significantly more effective than similar programs promoted by other mailing houses and marketing groups. We are now seeing substantially better results with our new version than the standard program used by agents over the last two years. Listen to a conference call with Craig and our agents and learn more about this outstanding opportunity (Click for more details).

Internet Lead Generation
We have an extraordinary lead generation program that is proven and is a great supplement to seminars. (Lead Generation Program) Many agents use this as a stand alone program and do 5 to 12 million per year in FIA production. Listen to our agents talk about this program! We have several conference calls with our agents that are posted on the Lead Generation Program page that thoroughly explain this program.

Comprehensive Seminar Training Program
Since our inception we have provided what we believe is one of the most comprehensive seminar training in the industry. Our boot camps continue to be the place to go to learn how to do seminars or to dramatically improve your current seminar practice. (boot camps)

"RMG is the ultimate marketing organization. When you combine the experience and expertise of a Senior Market Advisor of the year, Craig Randall, with the vast marketing, coaching background, and encouragement of Clyde Cleveland, you have an unstoppable team with truly unlimited intellectual resources to build your financial services business to whatever level you aspire. The blue print available to new and experienced agents of how to set up,market, and consult with clients is remarkable. Craig and Clyde have formulated a step-by-step system of success. As a rookie financial advisor, with really no direct experience in the specific field, Craig and Clyde transformed me into an authentic financial advisor with the ability to help more people than I ever dreamed possible. I would sincerely recommend them to all experienced agents and especially to those who are new to the financial services business."

J. Z. San Bruno, California

Disclosure: This testimonial may not be representative of the experience of other financial professionals and is no guarantee of future success. This testimonial was not paid for. This is for agent promotional use.

Letter from the President

We Are Committed To Your Success

Please keep in mind that the most valuable service we can offer you is ultimately the experience that we have at being successful in this business. Craig Randall has proven himself to be one of the most knowledgeable and successful coaches in our industry. It did not start out that way. When we began Craig did no coaching, he just did not have time. He only taught the boot camp training and that was it. After a few years Craig realized the great joy that comes from teaching and gradually started to reduce time spent in personal production so he could increase his time spent personally coaching RMG agents. The bottom line is that Craig Randall, 2007 Senior Marketing Advisor of the Year, is totally unique, one of the nation's top producers who has the ability to transfer his knowledge and proven systems to others more effectively than any other top producer.

You want high quality leads right? And so many leads that your biggest problem is being too busy to handle all of them! You also want the best help you can possibly get closing those leads from a qualified master closer, who also happens to know how to teach others what he knows. It would also be nice if you had someone who was a master of organizational skills so you could benefit from learning how to get the absolute most output from your time spent. Am I correct so far?

Would you like to have a protected territory so no other agent can use the same marketing materials you use in your area? How about having the opportunity to communicate on a regular basis with your peers who are experiencing the same exact challenges as you? And finally wouldn't it be nice to know that the people in your marketing organization are committed to keeping it small enough so the founders have the time to give you the attention you need to develop your full potential as an agent?

In the last eight years RMG has been exactly what I just described. Craig and I have been working together to make RMG the marketing support company you will never want to leave.

Until very recently the top producers in the industry have been seminar agents. Therefore, having the most effective seminar training, has been our primary focus. Once we saw that many of the top agents also incorporated other lead generation programs, we knew we needed to make a shift. We did our research so we could add truly productive non-seminar lead generation systems for our agents. We have accomplished this goal. Our One-on-One program and our internet lead generation program are both extraordinary.

We look forward to helping you succeed.

Clyde J. Cleveland



* Producers should review their state's regulations and follow the approval requirements of carriers they represent, their broker/dealer and registered investment adviser, if applicable.

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