• “The author has created a contemporary version of Thomas Paine's classic call to oppose tyranny. The result is an outstanding piece of writing that is as concise in its arguments as it is sharp in its rebuke of power run amok. Common Sense; Revisited is as devastating today as the original was when published in January of 1776. I invite everyone to read this work and to order many copies for family and friends. To understand the context of this important work, read Thomas Paine's original 'Common Sense' here.”
    — Don Rasmussen, previous director of Campaign for Liberty
  • Common Sense; Revisited is a terrific text to help spread the message of liberty. It is comprehensive, very compelling and a smooth quick read that is perfect for introducing our sacred philosophy to others. I am using it on campus, it is the perfect way to market the freedom message to students. It is sure to swell the ranks of liberty lovers everywhere.”
    — Jeff Shipley, Student Liberty Advocate
  • “I have never been interested in politics. I thought it was boring and complicated, and I felt that any contribution I made would make no difference. Then I read Common Sense; Revisited. In just 48 pages I came to understand how our government works, how it should work (but doesn't), and best of all, what I can do to make it work the way it should. Thanks to this pamphlet my political cynicism has flown out the window, and I feel empowered to play my part in the Revolution”
    — Angela Folz, Student
  • “I wish this pamphlet was required reading for anyone that can vote! So much comprehensive knowledge is packed into this little pamphlet. I agree with the author - it is each individual's responsibility to educate themselves and those close to them. It is impossible to read this without feeling a shift in your heart regarding your own power as an individual. From reading this you begin to cognize that you, as an individual, should really be the master, and not the servant, of government. We can no longer afford to be apathetic.”
    — Susie Zolo, Marketing Executive
  • Common Sense; Revisited is as inspirational as it is pragmatic. This accessible, illuminating work will effectively awaken those who don't realize how precarious our personal freedoms are today. And for those who know how deep the American crisis really is, CSR is an outstanding tool to help save our future generations and restore the liberties and prosperity we take for granted.”
    — Todd McGreevy, Publisher, River Cities' Reader
  • “The author of Common Sense; Revisited has transmitted a glorious melange of personal, professional, psychological, philosophical and political attitudes which magnificently represent the human condition. This "common sense" approach to life is our last best shot at resurrecting our political freedoms in America and our collective 'joie de vivre'.”
    — Richard V. Campagna, Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Vice President, 2004 Badnarik/Campagna
  • “The more I learn about the principles of freedom, the more I understand THE MIRACLE of AMERICA and Gods hand of inspiration through the founding fathers. "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." Thomas Jefferson. Help everyone light the fire of liberty and Revisit Common Sense!”
    — Paul Olsen
  • “Beautifully written. The message is rich, the information accurate, and the examples laid out with incredible clarity. In a time when much of the nation seems to feel freedom is an assumed commodity, this will truly open the eyes of the apathetic, and induce a desire to fight for liberty.”
    — Erik Gumbrecht, Hotel Manager
  • Common Sense; Revisited shows not only what it means to be an American, but also a human being. The contex of CS;R gives justice to Thomas Paine's original masterpiece and brings common sense to the contemporary era. Every breathing person should read CS;R and the original Common Sense. Americans, in most part, have forgotten what it means to be free and independent. If you read CS;R you will find your way home to freedom.”
    — Rob Koklys, Freedom Fundamentalist
  • “I was amazed at the research and organization in the writing of this work. I just read it ALL last night, and placed an order for 25 more today. I plan to send it to my closest friends and family first, then more in phases. I love the application to health care, drugs, and education. Many of us forget the implications of regulation on those areas. Don't ask for what you really don't want, right? (i.e. HANDOUTS) I look forward to more great work that I can share with others. And, by the way, writing can never be too long (only too BORING). This is far from a boring read!”
    — AJ, Iowa
  • “Loved reading every word of it. I highly recommend everyone in the Country read it. As its name implies it is just plain everyday Common Sense!”
    — Brian Cobb, Vacation Planner
  • “The American people are starting to wake up, thanks to your efforts. Common sense was the original wake up call for America, and I look forward to seeing this spread throughout our great land!”
    — Jer Nolan, Retired
  • “I just finished reading Common Sense; Revisited and I am in tears. I have known for so long that there is something not right with our world. I have experienced that wrongness all the way down in my own soul where I have encountered the darkness of depression, the failure of hope, the self-disgust of knowing that you are doing wrong, but being unable to stop. I would never wish that evil on anyone; not even my worst enemy. This is the society that we have been living in. However, all hope is not lost. I have been involved in the Campaign for Liberty because I knew in my heart that it was the right thing to do. I was disheartened to find out that we are all struggling with our own demons. But I see that we are a piece of the answer. Common Sense; Revisited, though a little slow in the beginning for my tastes, culminates in a plan that we all can embrace knowing that success is imminent. I say 'a little slow' just to encourage the rest of you to push through to the good stuff. Don't skip it though, since it provides necessary background material. I encourage each of you to read Common Sense; Revisited front cover to back cover. Then join me, and the many people who have already read it, and give it to your friends. We can reclaim our society. It can be what the founder's envisioned. We can once again live in a free society.”
    — Todd Carter, IT Consultant
  • “Last summer I had the opportunity to read Common Sense Revisted when it was published in Republic Magazine. Words can not adequately express the sense of lightness and hope I felt and how applicable those words re-written within this article are today. Those words gave me the strength and courage I needed to continue my activism in the face of a family crisis that I was experiencing when I just wanted to quit trying to help people see what was wrong because my world was falling apart.”
    — Donna Bendiksen, Patroit
  • “Incredibly well done job of enlightening folks to the REAL meaning and benefits for every citizen from strict adherence to the Constitution! If this "pamphlet" could achieve the same distribution as the original, we would probably see a billion man march on Washington. I sent your web site and some background info to everyone in my email list, over 100 folks. I printed a copy for myself and have shown it to many people that I couldn't reach by email. Great Job!”
    — Jim Wahler, New Freedom Activist
  • “I only had to read the first chapter, before I decided to order 25 physical copies. This is exactly what every American needs to read to 'get right' and understand what we can do to preserve what's left of our liberty. Thank you, immensely, to the author(s), whomever you are!”
    — Adam Jacobs, Sales/Marketing
  • “This is one of the best written documents that I have ever read. It says so much about what our founders used to create the greatest country in the world. Even an elected public tyrant could find this fascinating.”
    — Leon Moe, Life Member Disabled American Veterans
  • “Politics can be quite the confusing subject. And yet it seems to be one of the few topics (along with religion for example) that people don't mind forwarding their own opinion as the "correct" one even though they've never studied the topic fully - thus continuing the confusion. This pamphlet is great, because it brings politics to its simplicities and blows away all the confusion. All the arguments and counter-arguments I hear in political discussions these days now seems very shallow and lacking the understanding of the fundamental errors that are being made today. This is the big picture. Probably my favorite piece of literature I've read in a long time.”
    — Tieg Johnson, Musician
  • “The author has created a contemporary version of Thomas Paine's classic call to oppose tyranny. Common Sense for the Common Man. The Common Man needs to understand that it is time to stand up and be counted. The government can not control the people; they need to remember they work for us. Liberty lost can never be recaptured.”
    — John Rackus, General Hotel Manager
  • “Easy but stimulating reading. Made great sense. Salient and poignant.”
    — Jeena Nilson, IBO, Research, Editor, Sales Training
  • “Wow, when I first read this it was like a drink of water to a man lost in the desert. I wish that every politician in America could be induced to read this short tract, but I fear the lessons would be lost on far too many of them. I urge every patriot to spread this around, the day could come when possession of this or anything similar is grounds for arrest. Truth is the best antidote to the poisonous collectivist mindset.”
    — Landon St. Peter, Facility Management
  • Common Sense; Revisited deserves to be on every American bookshelf and read by parents to their children. It lucidly illuminates the lackings of our current, illegitimate paradigm of governance and economic slight of hand, and realigns the common consciousness into the morally sound reassertion of human dignity that will inevitably prevail against those that seek a new dark age. Humanity will remember its deliverance. Thomas Paine smiles upon this pamphlet, and on the reawakening of the American Ideal it forebodes.”
    — Scott Morris, Transpartisan Futurist
  • “The message of bottom-up government with its inherent expansion of individual freedom and responsibility is presented in easy to read and understand fashion. Common Sense Revisited presents what the United States of America once was, has become, and can be again if we are willing to take charge of our own existence.”
    — Alex Zoum, Construction
  • “Our country is in a dire state and as we look back at the bravery, knowledge and common sense of our Founding Fathers in their words and the constitution they provided to protect us. It revitalizes the passion for freedom. It is a great tool for informing the people and gives back some of the knowledge we have lost over the decades.”
    — Candy Wingard, Office Coordinator
  • Common Sense; Revisited is a powerful tool to reach out to the uneducated masses. It is easy enough to understand, and challenges the reader to think and rethink everything they thought they knew about politics, and the country they live in. Most importantly, it will awaken them out of blissful ignorance, and catapult them into outrage and a sense of duty to try and correct the wrongs. In short, in will make patriots! Kudos to the author and may we be blessed by the writing done.”
    — Rachel Henderson, Sales
  • “I found this very good. Full of facts with resources, quotes, and in my opinion, at least, very unbiased. I've been telling everyone I talk to about this in hopes that it starts getting people to think of the truth behind what our founding fathers really wanted.”
    — Daniel Grossheim, Ax-grinder
  • “I read Common Sense; Revisited and loved it. I am part of the Republican central committee in Jasper County Iowa. So I started to do speeches and hand outs on the Campaign for liberty at the meetings. I started printing Common Sense; Revisited and placed them on my hand out table. They have been very popular!!!”
    — Roger Barr, IT Manager
  • “As a homeschooling family, we have combined the original Common Sense and Common Sense; Revisited into the history/governement part of our studies. Both documents are invaluable!”
    — Elder Scott Whitten Williams, Pastor
  • “I have read it several times. A very good read, unfortunately most people can not grasp the simplicity of the ideology and what it means. I wish more people would read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and understand their sovereign rights and privileges. This kind of government has gone on far too long now and it is time for a change. Time to remove the elite from power and take back what rightfully belongs to the people. Our individualism and our spirit. Slavery and servitude are not an option. It has never worked in the past and will never work in the future. What the elite don't understand about that I do not know. But taking care of one's self and family and adhering to moral principles is a must. And it could not have been outlined better in this document. Common Sense; Revisited is a must read for any American and any individual who cherishes his right to exist period.”
    — Donald Fox, Welder/Fabricator/Engineer/Machinist
  • “This is a great feature and every American or world citizen for that matter should read it. I feel this should be mandatory reading in every school. If everyone in the world would read this they would understand what our founding fathers envisioned for us which is what all humans are seeking in life. I find it a bit sad that in the time that the original "Common Sense" was written there was no mass communication yet it was widely distributed in a matter of a few months. Yet in the computer age, it is very slow in getting out. If I had a thousand more copies I would distribute them asap. It is truly an inspiring work and something that once you start reading you don't want to put down as it gives you such a feeling of hope and inspiration.”
    — John Bennett, Truck Driver
  • “I think it is a very well written document. I quote it often. After reading this document people should consider reading "The Revolution, a manifesto" by Ron Paul.”
    — Juan Fidalgo, Software Developer
  • Common Sense; Revisited is a WONDERFUL tool for not only waking up the masses that already know these facts but have allowed their thinking to be done for them while watching TV; but also for educating the great number of people who DON'T know the basic foundations that underpin our liberties. When this first hit the web, I downloaded it and was printing color copies and handing them out - with rave reviews from everyone I got to look at it. Now I'm ready for a bulk order! R3VOLUTION!”
    — Ed Vallejo, Political Activist
  • “This is easily the most important piece of real world information every single American should read. I plan on dedicating my time to its dispersal until such time that the situation in Washington has been ratified.”
    — Benjamin Jorgens, Student
  • “This magnificent manifesto only reinforces what I've always believed but could not express properly. It should be placed in strategic locations much like are the Bibles in hotel rooms, and each of us should consider distribution to high school libraries where our youth can latch onto it before getting more polluted with statist propaganda than they already are”
    — Guy B. Langsdale, Airport Terminal Supervision
  • “I printed it out. It is a physically beautiful book. It is filled with exhilarating concepts of bottom-up government, which I am applying as I continue in my efforts to wake up people and Save the American Public. It is filled with excellent quotes. Best of all, it is upbeat rather than frantic. Our enemies rule by fear. We conquer them with joy and by thriving.”
    — Esther Cook, Student
  • “I am greatly appreciative that someone has taken the time to write this out. Thank you. I hope this can reach most ALL Americans.”
    — Michelle, Clerk
  • “The most essential read of every red blooded American next to the Bible!”
    — Nic Roberts
  • “Without having read much about Common Sense Revisited, I downloaded a digital copy for free. My rationale was that I was a poor student and couldn't afford to pay for it anyway. As it turned out, Common Sense Revisited is far too important of a document and is worth its weight in liberty. I read it front to back in one sitting. It makes so much sense and seems to be the only viable solution to creating and maintaining a small and effectively managed government controlled by the people. There is also so much rich information and resources on the founding of this country and how that applies to today. Needless to say, I bought ten more hard copies and have handed them out to friends, family, and strangers”
    — Darrin Moir, Student
  • “Great all-around perspective that encapsulates and explains the fatal flaws of our government. The surrogate vs. indigenous power section is very enlightening. Great for beginners!”
    — Dan Halenar, IT
  • “I don't do this often, but I feel that I have to put this out there. I for one, am a fan of The Founders of our great nation. To think them provincial or outdated old men who's ideas have no relevance today would be, in my humble opinion, a big mistake and one the collectivists would love for you to make. I think that The Founders insight, advice and wisdom could be of great benefit to us today, if we would be courageous enough to invest a few moments of our time (not all day, just a few hours) to at least consider their views. I think that they at the very least we owe them our consideration of their ideas, after all, they are the men that made all of this possible. I urge you to first read Common Sense; Revisited, while engaging your critical thinking skills, and then if you find yourself agreeing with it, please give it the widest possible dissemination. If you think that modern politicians are wiser, please, utilize your right to think they way you want, and don't pass it on. I truly believe that only a move towards individual responsibility and more freedom can bring us back from the brink we are now so dangerously rushing towards. I think the founders had it right... only freedom can fix a problem. I am usually skeptical when someone says that they have "revised" a great work. So, it is with great pleasure that I present to you Common Sense Revisited. A work that is indeed what it claims to be "... a modern-day tribute to Thomas Paine's original, re-written for today's times and today's issues." I think you will find it an informative, well documented and well reasoned approach to problems that face us today, and it will take only a fraction of your time to read.”
    — Ron Danielowski
  • “Common Sense; Revisited is a very interesting, and insightful read. If every American read this pamphlet, the country would go through a very dramatic change. A change for the better. And freedom would once again be sought after.”
    — Josiah Keller, American
  • “If you care about yourself and your family and your country here is a book that if followed to its end would fix many of the problems we have in this country today. If you are a believer in Free Markets and Capitalism I think this book is meant for you. I am very happy to recommend it to anyone who is interested in saving this country from the socialist direction in which we are heading.”
    — Roy Innella, Financial Advisor
  • “Common Sense Revisited is a masterful work which wonderfully details the foundation of American Liberty in a concise and easy to follow format. It also details with precision where we, as a nation, have strayed from the fundamental principles of Liberty. Most importantly, it points out the fraudulent monetary system which has led our once great nation far down the path of destruction, under the auspices of a phony debt created out of thin air. The solution to this problem is to return to a sound monetary system, as explained so well by this modern day author of Common Sense. I believe this booklet is an essential weapon in our Liberty Restoring Arsenal! Let's wield it high in hand as we destroy the false philosophies of man.”
    — Jody Fike, Construction
  • “Thomas Paine was a harbinger providing motivation to the masses by spreading a crucial awakening. His message provided new insights and inspiration to a people who had too much ill-conceived powerlessness and complacency. In modern America, we have lost focus on the warnings and wisdom of our founding fathers, but Common Sense Revisited is a necessary reminder for all Americans that a storm is again brewing. This pamphlet provides the forecast, but if more Americans are not awakened to its common sense ideas, too many of us will be helpless when the downpour begins.”
    — Corey Seeker, Transmitter